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Audrey Belaud

Audrey initially joined the project as a prop builder. As she got faced with SPACEBIRTH 2’s huge ambitions, time frame and the massive amount of volunteers, she naturally started organizing production tasks and get the magic rolling. After only a short time into her successful new role, Richard and Marius crowned her as SPACEBIRTH 2’s project manager. She operated as the glue that kept the project together through high & low times and everything in between. She is now co-producer of the movie and managing partner of THE PEOPLEĀ° along with Marius.

distance-l8 - 1920
distance-l7 - 1602
distance-l6 - 1568
distance-l5 - 1440
distance-l4 - 1325
distance-l3 - 1164
distance-l2 - 1080
distance-l1 - 1024
distance-s1 - 799
distance-s2 - 720
distance-s3 - 640
distance-s4 - 414
distance-s5 - 320